Nelkarisi Saperavi 2014

Saperavi monocépage


Double Gold Medal - CWSA 2018 (for 2014 vintage)

Gold Medal - Saperavi International 2018 (for 2014 vintage)


Vineyards are located in the Kindzmarauli micro-zone, an area of only 120 hectares located on a junction of rivers Alazani and Durudji in Kakheti, Georgia.

Kindzmarauli is an area of controlled appellation recognized by the laws of Georgia. Because of the black soil from river Durudji, the temperature is about 3-5˚ higher than on the nearby territories. That is why the grapes have 23-28% of sugar. There are around 4,000 plants on a hectare, which averagely allows to pick around 7,000 kg per hectare on each vintage. 


During harvesting the delicate grapes are carefully handpicked using selective method. Only 7-8 kg capacity small wooden baskets are used for the transportation to the winery. The grapes are gently de-stemmed and lightly squeezed before they are moved to the stainless steel vinification tanks.


Region: Kakheti, Georgia

Alcohol: 13.0%
Acidity: 4.80 g/dm3
Total dry extract: 29.34 g/dm3

Total sulphur dioxide: 112 mg/dm3

RSD 2,820

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